Back on board

I have returned after two months away!! Here is why…..
The night I had planned to post my next blog (8th Feb) we received a phone call that my MIL had been admitted to hospital. For next two weeks (3weekends) were busy and became a blur!
I was lucky enough to have my mum around every weekend so we could go to Sydney. Our three older kids were amazing and helped out while away and looked out for No4

But sadly friday the 22nd feb we had call it was a matter time. We packed and got up there late. It seemed a long drive. We saw her for about an hour then had to leave. Returned Saturday morning it was long day that afternoon she Lost her battle to Ms.


After that weekend we came home numb we didn’t expect it this early. I didn’t really cry much. Guess I was to busy trying hold it together for kids sake as well as be there for hubby. I started sorting the week out. Only one of the older three wanted to go to the funeral. We gave them the choice.
So No 1, 3 and 4 children stayed home with grandma.

My MIL loved pooh bear. They didn’t read it but this is what was in her booklet


That will forever be a quote that sticks with me.
Now I’m back 🙂



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