Back on board

I have returned after two months away!! Here is why…..
The night I had planned to post my next blog (8th Feb) we received a phone call that my MIL had been admitted to hospital. For next two weeks (3weekends) were busy and became a blur!
I was lucky enough to have my mum around every weekend so we could go to Sydney. Our three older kids were amazing and helped out while away and looked out for No4

But sadly friday the 22nd feb we had call it was a matter time. We packed and got up there late. It seemed a long drive. We saw her for about an hour then had to leave. Returned Saturday morning it was long day that afternoon she Lost her battle to Ms.


After that weekend we came home numb we didn’t expect it this early. I didn’t really cry much. Guess I was to busy trying hold it together for kids sake as well as be there for hubby. I started sorting the week out. Only one of the older three wanted to go to the funeral. We gave them the choice.
So No 1, 3 and 4 children stayed home with grandma.

My MIL loved pooh bear. They didn’t read it but this is what was in her booklet


That will forever be a quote that sticks with me.
Now I’m back 🙂



Rain Rain

So with the rain over the east of Aust . My hearts go out that been affected. With more on its way so the weather ppl say. Where we are now we got good few hours worth over night. Hubby was out trying keep in from going in the shed :/

Anyway this morning Daddy saw a grasshopper and caught it for the kids to watch. Miss Bj went and pulled out book to read up of them. We call her lil miss sponge!!


So the new Christmas Tree went up. The thought packing was still in the back my mind……ready for our holiday.

Finally the kids and hubby finished up for the year. I had to start packing as our youngest girl was on the way to her Oma and Da’s for few days before we left for Melbourne. So Friday I dropped her off and raced home as we were also having a visit from my MIL and partner.

Xmas the time for stress levels to go high…………..Have we…..

got the presents covered for everyone?

With the visit from the MIL over with……..the realization of packing sunk in!! So it began.

At least our youngest was having fun at Oma and Da’s!

Fun at Oma and Da's

Miss Ali

e were leaving today. It was making sure every little thing was ticked off the list to take was packed. Lunch rolled round and was time to go pick up Miss Ali see the rest family. It was rushed an hour and a half we had planned for. We needed be on road by 2pm…………….was closer to 3pm Im sure. LOL

So we were on the road. FAMILY HOLIDAY STARTED! YAY. 8900_10200193642829761_1862982732_n

Albury 4hrs the drive went smoothly. Made it in time for quick swim and before dinner and bed. Four exharusted kids. WINNER!

DAY 2  Christmas Eve. It would be another four hours but before that well I needed one these!

Cuppa to start the day!

Cuppa to start the day!

Xmas Holidays 2012

Xmas Holiday starts and Blogging………..

Im a mum of four and have a wonderful partner.

Today is the first day of the xmas holidays and of course nothing went to plan. Sleep in was on the cards….7:30 I was hoping! Nope hubbys alarm went off as every other weekday.

I waited for the kids to wake and hoped for a great day……..but melt downs and nits was this mornings events. Wasnt really what I had planned.

So I guess we will see what happens between now and when school starts again in 2013!